Wednesday, November 29, 2006

`Tis the Season!


It`s been a busy week and I feel like I am just now getting caught up and catching my breath!

Last Wednesday I drove the 2 hours each way to pick up Corey from college. We spent Thanksgiving at home with my mom. Dinner was good even though I cooked it. :0)  Later that evening Corey and I went to visit with my friend, Sandy. It was a nice relaxing holiday.

I never shop on Black Friday -- too busy - plus, I am usually working. Well, never say never, because I did it this year. Yep, my daughter had me out right in the midst of it. She thought it was fun. LOL, it really wasn`t bad. We shopped all day. There were no lines at Walmart or Target. I did wait in line 30 minutes at Kohl`s and that`s because I found a coat that I loved ~ half price. We also hit Payless, T J Maxx, Jo Anne`s Fabrics, and then lunch at Friendly`s.

The day before Thanksgiving, Corey found a winter coat and some Cd`s at Target and some jeans and cords at Old Navy. So she is pretty much set for Christmas. I don`t have to buy for many people, so I breathe a sigh of relief once my shopping for her is done.

Saturday I had to work. Sunday it was grocery shopping and getting Corey back to school. I was just beat. Oh, did I mention I had chemo on that Tuesday? So I went to bed early every night after being busy all day. I felt good in general, it`s just that I seem to get tired easily.

I also picked up a bridal shower gift for a couple at church who are getting married on Christmas Eve. Then I found out I needed a baby shower gift for an old friend of my daughter`s. Well, they`re only 20, so how old of a friend could it really be? LOL But actually, they have known each other all their lives, as I went to high school with this girl`s dad. She calls us out of the blue - we haven`t seen her in ages - and tells us she is having a baby in February! I said, " My goodness, Rhiannon, you are making me feel old. I remember when YOU were a baby!"

So now I have 2 days off, Thursday and Friday and I`m really looking forward to it. I picked up KFC for dinner and then had a piece of cherry pie left over from Thanksgiving.I ate every single cherry out of it and left the crust.

Yep.....let the holidays begin!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006



I`m going to be rather busy through Friday, so I thought now would be a good time to do this entry and to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I made my monthly trek to the Cleveland Clinic for my maintenance leukemia treatment. My bloodwork was good.  :)     This nasty cold I`ve been battling for about a month now is finally starting to clear up. So I felt really good today.

This evening I went to church where we had our own Thanksgiving dinner. It was open to everyone, so I saw lots of new faces.....people just dropping in for a good meal, which was cool. There was turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed veggies, rolls, and about a thousand desserts. We played some word games and then our Pator spoke briefly. The place was packed. Offer free food and they will come. LOL 

Tomorrow I will be on the road again. I`m picking up Corey from college. We`ll do lunch and take her computer by the Mac store to see why the battery isn`t working right. ( you may remember she spilled juice on her laptop. )

I have much to be thankful for. Living in America is a blessing in itself. We are free! I am thankful for my family and friends. I`m thankful that I have food and clothing and a comfortable place to live. I`m thankful to be alive. In March of 2005 I felt I was looking at death, but God has given me more time on this earth. Most of all I`m thankful for Jesus. Without Him I would be nothing.

Please check out my other journal from time to time. I try to keep it simple and Bible-based.

Thanks to Missie for the lovely tag.

And thanks for stopping by. I know how busy you all are and I do appreciate you taking the time to read and/or comment.

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

OSU Still Winning


I feel like a bad Ohioan, not watching the OSU/Michigan game. I mean, it`s on in the other room, I`m just not watching it. Last time I checked, Ohio State was still winning. Everywhere I went today I saw Ohio State shirts. I hope they win, being Ohio and all.... I just can`t get all caught up in it.

I have to confess that the kitchen pictured in my previous entry is not my own. Maybe I would actually do some cooking if I had a kitchen like that.

Nah, probably not!    <hates to cook>

A few entries back I mentioned my friend`s son-in-law who was shot in the head and the bullet is still in the brain, too risky to remove. Well, he is home and recovering. AND they caught the kid who shot him - a 16-year old. There were two others with him and I`m not sure if they have been caught yet or not.

In another entry I had mentioned I know a couple who just met not long ago and they are getting married soon. I`m happy for them, just wondering when my own prince charming will come along again. But yet I can`t help but feel that with this couple getting married, that one of the persons is getting the better deal. I`m not sure I could be as trusting and have as much faith in this person as they seem to have. Ah well, I guess that`s why I am still waiting for my prince to show up! I was married sixteen years, much of it happy, so I can`t complain. I`m basically happy being single, so I`m in no rush, esp when I see so many married people who are unhappy. Then I see a couple of my friends getting involved in relationships and now they seem to be fretting and emotionally hurting. I`m waiting for the right one to come along.  :0)

I worked all day yesterday in the drive-up at the bank. It was very busy and I was drained when I got out of there! I came home and went to bed! When/if the time comes when I have to go back to work full time, I hope I can do it. I`ve been taking leukemia meds since my diagnosis in March of 2005, so I don`t really know how I`ll feel once I`m off them. I`d love to just work part time, but what with a new car, daughter in college, and other bills.... who knows. The good thing is, I got my medical insurance back. When I was about half way through my chemo treatments, I lost my insurance. So I`ve been back to work since June, and was able to get it again. No more $400 a month for medicine!

When I get anxious about my future and working full time, I just have to remind myself that God has gotten me through this far - He`ll watch over me the rest of the way, I`m sure!

       Hebrews 13:5  For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

I`m going to peek at the game again. It`s been very close all along. I imagine the fans have been on the edge of their seats the entire time.

31-35 OSU winning with 6 minutes to go. I may not know a lot about football but I do know that with six minutes remaining, it will take a good half hour yet. lol!


Thank you, Missie's Magical Creations for the beautiful tag.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Preparing For Thanksgiving


I hope you don`t mind joining me in the kitchen for this entry. Can I get you a cup of coffee? Tea? A diet soda?

Today I bought most of the groceries that I`ll need for Thanksgiving. I like to be prepared ahead of time whenever possible. This year it will just be my mom, my daughter and me. I always make chicken because I hate turkey and (shhh! don`t tell anyone) really don`t know how to cook one anyhow. Pulling - uh, things out of a turkey and then cramming it with stuffing seems kind of gross to me. LOL Then again, I`m vegetarian for the most part.

Tomorrow at work everyone is taking in something to eat. I`m bringing veggies and dip. So I spent about an hour this evening cutting up broccoli, cauliflower, celery, red peppers, and carrots. I made the dip with a dry Knorr vegetable soup mix, sour creme and mayo. We also get to wear jeans tomorrow. Yippee! And Ohio State shirts or something red. I am wearing a red sweater since I don`t own any Ohio State gear.

I took my mom for her flu shot today. We stopped at Bob Evans for dinner. It was delicious. So my day off went by very fast.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks to TONI for the tag!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Does it Never End?


I really don`t want to harp on this and sound like a broken record, but..... I`ve had this miserable cold for almost 3 weeks now. Two trips to the doctor, two different antibiotics. I guess it will just have to take its course. I missed work Friday thinking that would help. I suppose it did some.

Oh well.......

Saturday I did my first ever craft show at our church. We had an okay turn out, although the day was dreary and rainy. I was very disappointed, as I sold very little! I felt like it was a wasted day. But it was a trial run for me. I hope to do another one next year. I will change some things around and hopefully do better. I think it`s difficult with the beads because so many people are making bracelets and earrings.

Anyhow, my brother and his wife were here visiting from Indy. That was nice. They brought their puppy and it was quite chaotic with my two year old Cocker Spaniel also here! It was a bit like Romper Room gone berserk.

Next week will be busy. Thank God I have several days off. Tuesday will be my monthly trek to the Cleveland Clinic. Wednesday I will be picking up my daughter at college. Thanksgiving Day will just be her and I here at home with my mom. I`m off Friday, which is nice. I never usually have the day after Thanksgiving off. I will take Corey out for some Christmas shopping. We`re going to try and find a winter coat for her. Saturday I work and then sometime between then and Monday I`ll have to have her back at school. All this during the week I have chemo. I am tired thinking about it.

So for now, I am cozy sitting here in my pajamas reading journals and relaxing. I`m hoping to get caught up, as I haven`t been online a whole lot lately.

Congrats to all those who won a VIVI Award for your journal. I did not win in my category, but I certainly found some new and interesting journals along the way! Thanks to all who DID vote for me!

Thanks to Angel of Virgomoon Graphics for the adorable scarecrow tag.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Still Feeling Blah


Won`t you step into the parlor and make yourself at home? I`ll be right back with some hot tea and scones...........

I have had a blasted cold for two weeks now. The antibiotics I received last week didn`t help a bit. So I went to the doctor again last night after work and now I am taking a different antibiotic and a decongestant.  I hope this works!

My friend Janice and I had lunch today at the Olive Garden. I wouldn`t have gone out at all, but I had to pick up medicine and run to the bank anyhow. It was a nice afternoon, although I was glad to get home and rest. I may take a day off tomorrow.

If you haven`t already, please stop by and say Happy Birthday to my dear friend Chris-

A Day in the Life

I don`t know how many of you were reading her journal this past summer, or if you were reading my old journal... but for those of you who don`t know, Chris and I met in June. She is just as sweet in person as she is in her journal!  :)   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend all.





Monday, November 6, 2006

Monday`s Muse


My thanks to Shelly - Roxy's Links and Graphics for this adorable tag. :)

I spent most of the early part of the day running errands with my mom. She can no longer drive, so it`s up to me to get her around. She surprised me today, saying she wanted to buy me sneakers, as I had mentioned some time back that I wanted a black pair. So I got thee coolest pair of Van`s sneakers..... black trimmed in white, with a bit of pink thrown in.

I still haven`t been feeling great. I`ve had this cold for two weeks now. The antibiotics seem to be working somewhat. They sure are taking their sweet time about it.

So I know this couple who just started dating recently and now they will be getting married in a couple of months. I`m happy for them and I hope it works out for them. It started me thinking about people and how they meet and why some seem to meet a match and others don`t. I`ve never been one to date continuously. I usually would go a while between boyfriends when I was younger and if I did have a boyfriend, it was serious and lasted a while.

I married at 25. He was my pen pal who I had written to for years...he lived in NY and I was in Ohio. We finally met and the rest was destiny! We married 6 months after we officially met. I moved to NY. I was 25 and he was 29. Sixteen years later we divorced, but much of the marriage was happy and loving. So... I`m thinking, well....if I never get married again...if I don`t meet another who is right for least I had that. I was pretty happily married for most of those years.

It seems as though it used to be easier to meet people. Or possibly, it was just that I was younger and there was more availability. Sigh... I know married people who meet other people they find interesting..... and I know men who meet other men that they find there`s Penny who meets nada. No one. Well, no one I`m interested in. Then I think - am I too picky? I don`t think so. I think that the right one has not come along yet. Although I do pray about this. Surely God has this really cool guy picked out for me. But where is he? Is he just not ready yet? Am I not ready yet?

One thing I`ve learned is that I need to be content where I`m at in life. I don`t want to waste a part of my life whining about what I don`t have. I want to enjoy what I DO have!

Sigh.... so the course of my thoughts run.....

I am reading a very good book by Anita Shreve called Resistance. It takes place in Belgium during WWII. These people are hiding a wounded US pilot whose plane went down. Any minute they could be caught by the Germans and taken away. Tortured. Can you imagine how many people lived like this doing war times? Do you think you would be that brave? Would I?

So I`m off to read some more and to relax next to some glowing strawberry scented candles.

By the way, I have started a new praise and worship journal. I hope it will be a place where you can come to relax and talk to God. To know that He does really care about each and every one of you!

Goodnight for now.


Friday, November 3, 2006

It Really Works!


First of all, this is a picture that my daughter, Corey, took just recently. I loved it and wanted to post it for two main reasons. One is that it conveys the beauty of Ohio during this wonderful time of year - and two, it gives me a sense of appreciation for all the beautiful things that God has created. If you think about all the beauty and vibrant colors that are in nature, I think you will begin to catch a glimpse of God`s personality firsthand. So if the moon looks lovely, or the stars are twinkling; the leaves are a riot of color before your eyes, or the sky is a calming shade of blue ....tell Him thank you! It`s all there for you to enjoy and appreciate. May I never be in such a rush through life that I don`t take time to savor the goodness and beauty of all that He has made and given us.


So guess what? My $12 sewing machine really works! Here is a picture of it and the pillow I made tonight using it.


I`m really tickled about this. Obviously, it doesn`t take much to excite me on a Friday night. LOL!

Today I had a nice lunch with 2 dear friends. We ate at an elegant Italian Restaurant. To tell you the truth, the ambiance was better than the actual food. Not that it was bad, but I prefer the Olive Garden. Then we did a bit of shopping. I bought a Christmas tablecloth and some hand towels of the same pattern. I know it`s early, but I put it on the table with my red and white candles in their snowman candle stick holders and it looks quite nice. I really hate pointing paws at anyone, but a couple years ago a certain Cocker Spaniel ate the corner off one of my tablecloths. So far so good.


Oh......puhleez! Don`t let that innocent, cute sweet, lovable face fool you!  Huh, I fall for it every time. Just can`t resist!


Goodnight and have a spectacular weekend!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Let`s Makeup!


My daughter was given this bear on her first Christmas. She was 4 months old. That was nearly 20 years ago! So it has much sentimental value to me. I was 25 years old, newly married, spending my first Christmas with my gorgeous husband and baby girl and many of the new friends I had made upon moving to NY who stopped by for our Christmas Eve party. Wonderful memories.

Today before work I had to run to Walmart to get yet another prescription. I also had to buy new underwear to send to my daughter at college because the washing machines in her apt building are not working.  lol   Then I had to zip to work. Why does everyone drive oh so  S  L  O  W when I`m in a hurry??

Anyhow, I thought this would be a fun entry for us ladies..... LET`S MAKEUP! Or, in other words.....what`s in your makeup bag? ( I can see the guys now, rolling their eyes...)   ô ô

This is my makeup basket.


This is the routine, which I have down to a quick science:

First, cover, whatever you want to call it. Generously! Especially under my eyes, where I tend to get a dark circle, much to my chagrin.

Second, concealer underneath my eyes and in the corner of my eyes, by the bridge of my nose.

Third, powder. Smooths it all out and takes off any shiny spots.

Fourth, eye liner. I like light blue. This is important because it highlights your eyes. 

Fifth, eye shadow. Sometimes I wear it, sometimes I don`t. Usually a light shade at the top, under the brow, and a slightly darker shade on the lid itselfand in the crease.

Sixth, mascara. I usually use blue, but today I bought clear, so I am going to try that.

Seventh, blush. I have a big makeup brush that I use for this. Just a couple swoops of some color right at the cheekbone in a quick upward motion.

Eighth, Lipstick. I have many lipsticks. Sometimes I like a darker copper tone, sometimes pink, sometimes just a clear glaze.

I know many woman like a lip liner as well, but I don`t use one. You can also take an eyebrow pencil to your eyebrows to make them fuller if need be.

Ninth, Volie`! Gorgeous!   :0)

So that is my makeup routine, which is always done AFTER drying my hair, but BEFORE getting dressed.  ( We are such creratures of habit, no? ) The hair gets spritzed with a smoothing, shining gloss before I dry it. Jewelry goes on last.

Don`t forget to moisturize your skin after a shower or bath. That`s a great time to do it while your skin is still moist. Try not to shower with water that is too hot, as this is very drying for your skin. When moisturizing your face, use upward motions, especially on your neck.

 It`s all maintenance and repair after the age of 40!


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Sniffling Sneezing


I was out doing errands today, driving in my car, when this street in the picture above caught my eye. So I stopped to take a picture. I love the way the branch on the left swoops over, making sort of an interesting arch. I am definitely feeling more comfortable with my camera, too. I may have actually gotten the settings right on this one.

Today I took my new Toyota Yaris in for its first oil change. ( So many miles already? ) And then it got washed as part of the service. Lookin` good and I was happy.

Since my cold hasn`t cleared up - (has gotten worse, in fact) I decided to drop in to see a doctor. It`s just what I knew it was - an upper respiratory infection, which I got an antibiotic for. I also had to pick up more meds for my leukemia treatment. I`m looking forward to the day when I can stop taking these meds. By springtime my treatment will be done.

I stopped by the library and picked up books by Anita Shreve, Jodi Picoult, and John Steinbeck. The Steinbeck novel is The Moon Is Down, which was written in 1942 during the Nazi era in Europe. Evidently this book became a very popular piece of Allied propaganda and if you were found to have a copy of the book on you in Italy, you were punished by death! This is true and I had no idea. Lately I have gotten interested in the history of wars and Presidents. I have been reading about WWI and WWII. No particular reason, other than I love to learn.

Today at Walmart ( knew I would stop by there!) I bought a sewing machine. LOL, Well, it`s not a real sewing machine. It was $12.93 and is battery operated. It`s pink! Big selling point. All I really need is to be able to run a hem to make pillows and whatnot.

So I`m off to rest and read.

Ta Ta.