Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Letter P

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following... They MUST be real places, names, things...

NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it.

You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name: Penny 

Famous Music artist/group: Pussycat Dolls

3 letter word: Pus

Color: Purple

Gift/present: Purse 

(my new one)

Vehicle: Prius

TV Show: Perry Mason

Country: Panama

Boy's Name: Philip
Girl's Name: Patty

Alcoholic drink: Pink Flamingo


Occupation: Playboy Bunny

Flower: Pansies  

Celebrity: Paris Hilton

Food: Pork & beans

Reason for Being Late: Puking

Something You Shout: Pleez shut up!!




Sunday, March 25, 2007

Art Museum


I never pass up an opportunity to visit an art museum, especially since it means that I will most likely get to see a Van Gogh. On Friday I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the highlight for me was seeing this painting. I`ve learned that seeing a picture of a painting is nothing until you can see the original for yourself. I am mesmerized by his work - the brush strokes and colors and the way he painted so thickly.

This particular painting, Landscape at St Remy, was done in the late 1800`s after Van Gogh suffered a nervous breakdown in an insane asylum in the south of France.

Next to this were two or three paintings by Gauguin. Van Gogh was friends with Paul Gauguin. They even lived together for a short time until they got into a heated argument which lead to Van Gogh slicing off a part of his own ear.

I found it fascinating to see these original pieces of work side by side from the late nineteenth century and to know the story and the emotions that took place around the time of their creation.



Anyhow, our trip was great. I felt wonderful. I spent too much money.

Happy spring!!

thanks, Jenny


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Road Tripping

Hey everyone,

Just to let you know .... I am on vacation and in Indianapolis!

So far we`ve shopped a lot and visited some good restaurants.

Tonight I`m relaxing and doing some scrapbooking.

My alerts are off, so if I`m not commenting in journals for a few

days, I know you`ll understand.

Yesterday was sunny and warm in the high 70`s.

Today is cooler and it`s raining.

I`m enjoying myself.    :)



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Know It All In 10 Easy Steps!

Most of you know that I love to read. A lot. Not just books, but also magazines. I subscribe to 2 or 3 that I browse through every month and occasionally I will buy one at the check out stand.

It occurs to me from reading said magazines that I am lacking in many of life`s important aspects.

For instance - I should know:

How To Have Better Sex and to

Know All His Hot Spots!

How to Lose 10 Pounds by Spring!

My closets should be totally organized by now.

Said closet should be filled with all the latest fashions, because I have learned that Gray is The New Black! And , ofcourse, I can`t go wrong with The Little Black Dress.

I`ll be able to afford these clothes because I should by now be able to Reduce my Debt By 20 % !

I should know how to relieve my stress in Every Situation.

My garden will be gorgeous since I`ve learned What To Plant Now and How To Transplant my Patio Into a Gardner`s Delight!

Dinner`s a cinche since I have learned 100 Recipes in Under 10 Minutes! ( on any budget. )

And ofcourse I should always look gorgeous from reading Easy Hair Tricks for Any Style! And my makeup should be flawless because I`ve learned How To Apply Make Up in 12 Easy Steps.

I should never be sick because I know How To Prevent Medical Emergencies and because I Know the Difference Between Cold and Flu Symptoms.

My house will be spotless after reading all the tips on cleaning products that Really Work and How To Make my Own for Less!

I should know by now How to Make My Small Rooms Look Larger, What paint to choose to Make A Bold Statement and Easy Tricks for Framing and Hanging Pictures.

For holidays I`m told How To Bake the Perfect Turkey, Thrill my Guests With Yummy Desserts, Make Snacks the Kids Will Love .... allonaneasybudgetyetstilllosetwentypoundsbysummerand




problemswiththeneighborsandin-laws .....

In 10 easy Steps.


Should I demand my money back??


Monday, March 19, 2007



It`s been a busy time for me. My daughter is home for spring break. It`s funny because just before it started we had some unusual temperatures here in Ohio - high 70`s in March!

Corey:  So, should I bring my winter coat home? I don`t want to.

Oh Wise Mother (me):  Yes, you better. You might still need it.

Corey:  Sighs ......    Okay.

Today we had rain and snow mixed with balls of ice.

Corey:  I don`t understand Ohio weather!


So this morning as I was leaving the house there was a light drizzle. I wasn`t ten minutes away from my house when balls of ice begin pelting my car. I had to pick up Corey from a friend`s house about 40 minutes from here, so I kept going, driving very carefully.

Imagine my horror as I look in my rear view mirror as I am driving along the interstate and see a Jeep or SUV of some sort spinning and therefor heading in the wrong direction! Then it slides sideways and hits a semi truck that was cruising along at a pretty good speed. Then the SUV starts spinning out of control in the middle of the busy interstate. I sped up so it wouldn`t hit me, as this is literally happening right behind me. I`m not sure if anyone else got hit or not. I kept going, as the roads were ice and there was lots of traffic, but within seconds I called 911 and reported the accident and the location. ( It`s still happening behind me at this point but I was safely ahead of it all. ) I know the semi truck pulled over and as far as I know the SUV never flipped over. Man, was I rattled and praying everyone made it okay. If I hear anything on the news I will give you all an update.

About fifteen minutes later, as I`m approaching my exit ramp, traffic begins to creep along and I see flashing lights up ahead. ANOTHER accident and a car is flipped over on the side of the road! Upside down. I didn`t see anyone inside. There were people walking around near it, so I hope and pray everyone made it out okay. I was really shaken and you better believe I took a different route back home.

Please be safe!


Love you guys. Be safe and well.


Thanks, Angel!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Forever and a Day


 Yes, it does seem like forever since I have posted an entry. That`s mostly just because I have been working and sleeping. When I work a couple of full busy days, it just wears me out! Yesterday was my day off. I met my friend, Sandy, for lunch at Rockne`s and stopped at the store, and that`s all I was able to do. I had to come home and rest. Today my plans are lunch with my mom at Friendly`s and then I`m taking her to a doctor`s appointment. I`ll probably wash my car today also. The usual stuff. I slept for a long time, so I am feeling good today. Even though I only have chemo once a month now, I still have to take meds every day, hence the need for rest when I seem to overdo it. Other than the tiredness, I`m doing just fine.  :0)

On Sunday after church, I met with a group of friends that I`ve known for many years, some even back to grade school days. The Girlfriendz. We had a lovely time chatting and eating - and for some, drinking. So here`s to: Deloris, Don, Patty, and Tina - thanks for a great day of freindship. I love you guys!

My brother and his wife and puppy were also here for a real quick visit again. I can`t wait to go see them in Indianapolis in a couple weeks!!

I stumbled upon a great sale at Kohl`s. I bought 2 pairs of jeans, a jacket, 2 prs of earrings and 2 shirts! The shirts were buy one get one free. The jeans were $24.99 a pair which I couldn`t pass up. It`s so hard for me to find jeans that fit. I`ve blogged before about my "sit test" with jeans. I have to sit down after I try them on. If they don`t literally cut me in half and I am still able to breathe after 30 seconds, it`s a go. Well, that`s not really true, because if they are comfortable, then that means they are most likely 2 sizes too big in the legs, but sometimes I get lucky.

Okay, what`s up with American Idol?? How can Sanjaya and Hayley stay in? What about Sundance?? And Sabrina??

Whaaaaaa ......

Well, I am off to plow through some paperwork and mail. I`ve missed out on reading your journals for the past few days. I guess there`s no way I could completely catchup, but I`ll be around.

Someone in J-Land has a new baby! If you`d like to stop by and congratulate him, tell him Penny sent ya.



Be well and God bless - -