Saturday, August 4, 2007

Not So Sweet


Hi again. I don`t really know why I haven`t posted an entry in so long.

Remember I said I was having headaches for like two weeks straight? I no longer have them once I figured out what was causing them >>> Aspartame - the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke! If you research aspartame online you will see that it is bad bad bad. Bad news. It`s in many products and has been known to cause severe migraines in some people. I also read where it can cause depression and mimic signs of MS and fibromyalgia! I stopped drinking the diet soda and the excruciating headaches went away.

It`s been hot here. In the 90`s kind of hot. I`m not a summer person. I`m not enjoying this. We have many festivities and concerts going on as Football Hall of Fame week is being celebrated here. I haven`t gone to any of them. Somehow the idea of strolling through a  mass of smelly bodies squashed together in 90 degree temps while smelling cotton candy and corn dogs mixed with the scent of port-a-potties just doesn`t appeal to me.

I was asked to go see fireworks tonight by an old "friend." ( I use that term very loosely here. ) Okay, we used to date. There was a lot of drama. I declined. It just didn`t feel right.

I can`t wait until Corey gets home. She`s been on the other half of the world long enough!

I`m probably a tad old to be listening to these young emo bands but I love them. My favorite is Jack`s Mannequin. Andrew is 23 or 24 and survived the same kind of leukemia as me. We were both diagnosed in 2005. We are both well now. Please donate blood - it saves lives!!!


I also love The Academy Is and The All-American Rejects.


I have a great song of theirs playing on my Myspace page. Check it out. My page is pretty!   :)

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to catch up with journals soon!