Friday, July 20, 2007

Blue Skies



Today was one of those beautiful summer days - blue skies, white fluffy clouds, green grass, and rows of corn dancing in the breeze. I`m happy to be off work and enjoying it.

In New Zealand it`s already tomorrow, so my daughter has some free time to shop and have some fun. It`s been a good week there, with warmer temps and no rain.

There hasn`t been much going on here lately and the things that have been going on I don`t much feel like writing about.                    

I took a couple days off to pick up Corey once she gets home next month. She will have just turned 21 so we will celebrate her birthday once she is home from NZ. Then back to college, beginning her 4th year - WOW!

I`m pretty sure I have some time off after Thanksgiving that I`m going to use to visit my brother and SIL in Indianapolis. I`m feeling the need for a little road trip.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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dreamingbrwneyes said...

It's beautiful here today too. I opened the windows and am enjoying a lovely breeze. You just don't get many days like this in the summer. Nice that the humidity has gone down, gonna enjoy every minute of it!!
Good to hear you are having the same nice weather but you sound kinda down. Im sure a big part of that is you miss Corey, just hope things are OK with you!!

~ Jenny

queeniemart said...

i hope everything is going well.....i know you and Corey will have a wonderful reunion when she gets home. Enjoy your weekend.

greality said...

Hi Penny
  I love these kind of days too.  And the nights are perfect for sleeping.
  Enjoy the weekend.
  Bet you can't wait for Corey to come home.  


lanurseprn said...

I'm sure you are looking so forward to your daughter's return! I hope you are able to share some pics.
I know what you mean about wanting a road trip! I just took one last month and am ready for another! LOL!
Hope you have a good weekend.

imgr8phil said...

Take care of yourself and have a nice weekend.


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cacklinrosie101 said...

Hi has really been a boring, blah summer for me.  I'm speechless.  Now, that's a new one.  We had monsoon rain but today is sunny and in the 70's.  Weird weather again this summer.  Corey will be home before you know it and, dang, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Love the lipstick tag!  Love n Hugs, Chris

belaf02 said...

Weather here has been gorgeous also the past couple days, temps are just-right.  Life is easier for me when I have a trip planned in my future, it is so great to get away.  I know what a good time you will have with your brother.  

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blueblueandblew said...

Well gal whatever's goin on that way, hope
its nothing too stressful. Hang in there!
Its so great that Corey gets to travel andspread
the word of God.
Such a good Mom to your girl.
Have a nice Sunday.

lindapaterson177 said...

Hope Corey is having a great time on her travels and that your not worrying too much about stuff. take care
luv bella x

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sassydee50 said...

Hi Penny~Just stoppin' by to say I hope you're having a good weekend. I love these kind of days too. I have been saving the news about your daughter's trip to read when I get more time.
take care & God bless~Deb ;-)

all4movingahead said...

I am enjoying your page and all of your graphics. I have put it on alerts. Good luck today and God bless!